A brand-new Omega Seamaster 300m will set you back around £4,000, the price justified by the amount of watch you get for your money. So, is the Lapis Lazuli dial fake Omega Seamaster 300m still worth it at ten-times that?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a precious metal, exotic dial’d tool watch from replica Omega—just look at the Speedmaster range for example, littered with white gold, meteorite dials and aventurine. Of course, Omega aren’t the only ones doing this, Rolex has it’s GMT-Master II in white gold with a meteorite dial—a watch that costs £32,000. So how does Omega justify the extra £8,000? The Omega is platinum and features a Lapis Lazuli dial.
Lapis Lazuli—no, not the magician that worked your child’s 5th birthday—is a metamorphic rock with an intense blue and speckled-gold appearance. Omega replica watch with platinum case has been used as a semi-precious stone for thousands of years, from the Egyptians, all the way to the present day. The rich colour has meant that Lapis Lazuli has been used for everything from statues, to paintings of the Virgin Mary, and even as an eyeshadow for Cleopatra.

So why use it in a watch? That’s a good question. One with a simple answer: because they can. The material is something special, and so is this watch—it’s not every day that you can say your watch dial is made from the same material as Egyptian Scarabs.
To accompany the gorgeous deep blue Lapis Lazuli dial is the Swiss movement copy Omega Seamaster 300m itself. Not in its most modern form, but in the style of it’s 1957 predecessor. Vintage good looks, broad arrow hands, a ceramic bezel, the Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8913—all encased within luxurious platinum. The Lapis Lazuli Seamaster really nails the vintage, yet modern look.

I agree, those that want a Seamaster because it’s a Seamaster will pay the £4,000. Those that want something truly special—everyone seems to own a meteorite dial at this point—will buy this: a platinum Seamaster fit for a pharaoh.


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