Review Of Excellent Copy Omega Specialities Olympic Games Collection Rio 2016 522. Watches

In 2016, Omega launched fine watches fake Omega Specialities Olympic Games Collection Rio 2016 522. in order to pay a tribute to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. On the backs of the watches, there are the logo and character of “Rio 2016”, the logo of the Olympic Rings and the numbers of the limited watches.

The dynamic replica Omega watches are aimed to bring the wearers into the musical rhythm of Rio de Janeiro. Inspired by Mosaic walkway in Copacabana Beach, the watches have steel cases, burnished black    ceramic bezels and wave-pattern dials. The sidewalk pattern is a reinterpretation of wave-pattern dials found on Diver 300’s of the past.

In detail, the 41 mm copy watches have remarked hour makers, small scales, large minute and hour hands and second hands with red in the end. And there are date windows at 3 o’clock. Besides, on the black bezels, there are are Arabic numerals in red, green, yellow and blue, which stand for the color of the Olympic Rings.

To sum up, the special fake watches have only launched 3,016 pieces to celebrate the victory, glory and energy. Like all the top players, the famous watches will also never slow down its pace. They will continue to provide timekeeping and data-handling services for the Olympic Games.



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