Introducing AAA Quality Fake Omega Speedmaster 321

It’s unbelievable to think that the perfect replica Omega Speedmaster 321 led off way back on January 7th. What a release, though! Omega chose the Ed White/Gene Cernan 105.003 as the basis for the first steel application of its rejuvenated 321 movement and what a winner it is.

Black Dial Fake Omega Speedmaster Watch

There’s a lot of history with this Swiss made fake watch and, personally, I have a hard time deciding if I like straight or curved lugs better. More than that, though, I’ve seen Robert Jan’s in the metal and this is a true stunner. Some have whined about the lofty €13,300 price tag, but when your watch receives the AMG engine treatment (one builder from start to finish) and looks this good, get on with it.

Swiss Movement Fake Omega Speedmaster Watch

Most seem to agree because this watch won our first ever Speedmaster World Cup and there’s a healthy waiting list. Most felt that the 321 would never return. The fact that it did and that it’s in such a beautiful case with modern technology makes it one of my favorite watches of 2020.

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